you make us better


When we started MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! the galvanizing idea was that COOL PEOPLE MAKE COOL MIXES. And we wanted to hear them. Not just musicians and DJ’s and the such, but I want to know what my favorite director, actor, designer or porn star was listening to at the moment. What is inspiring my peoples. That’s what we’re in the game for, inspiration.

Well, we’re not always able to do that and perhaps too often settle for the high profile DJ mix or getting stuck in the world on NATE DOGG but sometimes we are able to hook it up and today is one of those days.

Today’s mix is from DR. KENNYWENNY, one of the creative minds behind the design and animation team SHYNOLA. You might not have known it but they’ve had a hand in one of you favorite music videos or films, and are just too polite to let you know about. This is the perfect mix for sitting down with a cup a tea and a blank piece of paper and brainstorming ideas about how to make the world a nicer place. Have some inspiration, courtesy of Dr. Kenny.



All our love out to the indelible Mr. Baws. Thank you for making us better people.


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  1. I love this mix. What’s the song at 6:52?

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