the ambassador


Aside from having the best hair this side of GEORGE JEFFERSON, Kool DJ Red Alert is also responsible for breaking some of the most influential groups during the pioneering hip hop era, including TRIBE CALLED QUEST and QUEEN LATIFAH as a DJ for NYC’s 98.7 KISS-FM. He is also an honorary ambassador to the United Nations, recognized for his work in music and his community. Whoever bequeathed him that status is a true visionary as DJ Red Alert has far more street cred than almost all of the other United States Ambassadors combined.  That is an inarguable fact.

Not just a force in the world of diplomacy, DJ Red Alert is also a man to be reckoned with behind the turntables, as this mix from his radio show circa 1987 shows, and proves.




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3 responses to “the ambassador

  1. Incredible!!!

    Red Alerts son….man. Classic KISS FM. Kurt used to bring back these tapes from when he’d spend his summers in NYC. They were like gold!

  2. Steveo!

    These Red Alert Mixtapes are gold indeed!!! I would pay $50 or even a $100 just to get some stuff I haven’t heard! Post some more sets from 1987,1988,1989 when HIP HIP Was real and at its BEST!!!

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