welcome to the present


Currently have this mix from the DEERHUNTER/ATLAS SOUND BLOG in heavy rotation here at MM!!! headquarters. Honestly, we’re not much for music blogs but Bradford Cox’s is like one of those old composition journals that all the cool kids had back in high school.  Much more art project than marketing tool, which is quite refreshing.

And still, I can’t shake this nagging feeling that maybe we’re all getting a little TOO CLOSE from so far away.  What, with the TWEETS, and the Facebook and the blogs and the video chats, where is the time for actual connection, actual conversation?  Not everything can be encapsulated in 150 words.  Not everything can be experienced through a screen.

But for better and for worse it’s where we’re at.  So we’ll take the good with the bad and hope that in the end the former outweighs the latter.  With people like Bradford making mixes like this, I’m trusting we’re on the right track.




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  1. nice mixtape ! i will post this in one of my next mixtapes.

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