the rep


When I was working at the RECORD STORE back in the day we had this policy that we couldn’t hold records for customers longer than three days. That was it, we’d had enough carrying your crap you ain’t gonna buy.  We didn’t bend the rule for anyone.

Well, except for DAM. That fool would have us hold like 8 records and we always them held until he came back. It might take a couple weeks but Dam always came back for those records, knew exactly what he had and how many. The man loves to dig. REALLY LOVES TO DIG. And that earns you rep in the record store.

It makes me feel like all is right in the world seeing Dam come up right now. The machine doesn’t always allow for good cats to get theirs. But on top of doing what he loves and in a way that no one else is doing he is also the coolest motherfucker you will meet.




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  1. Al Skatez

    Wasn’t this mix an hour an 17 minutes, before??? Shoot me the hard copy, Yo!!!


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