don’t think twice

Don’t be scurrrrred my friend!  I know, I know.  Dylan getting beatified by some sample happy producer.  Not exactly what you would imagine as a love connection.  Brings to mind some of the ill-fated “collaborations” that P. Diddy has wrought on us.  Well, this is not that.

And I’ll tell you why:  J. PERIOD.  The Los Angeles native who now resides in the Big Apple, is consistently pushing the edge of what hip hop is and what hip hop can be.   And this Bob Dylan mix, part of the larger MESSENGER SERIES mixes and done in collaboration with Somali (a place where music was just banned by the way) native K’naan, is tribute to just that.

It highlights the best parts of a musical era gone and infuses it with the best parts of the current musical climate and it becomes…well, good fucking music.

LISTEN!!! – K’NAAN x BOB DYLAN, with J. PERIOD on the el producto


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