funk covers!!! (MPSU #26)

Been a long time since we posted a mix sent in by one of y’all. Which isn’t intentional…for awhile there we weren’t posting mixes of any kind.

But now that we’re back, and in full(ish) effect, we’ve been sifting through all of the mixes you’ve sent us for something that really blew our wigs back.  Enter DAU AL SET of Iceland, who hit us with an ingenious mix of FUNK MUSIC, covered by contemporary artists.

We were skeptical at first.  I mean, funk is one of those things that can’t be improved upon.  It’s like the jelly donut, or the Mona Lisa or Nicholas Cage’s hair…you just cannot improve on perfection.  And although the songs in this mix doesn’t improve on funk, it takes it to a sublime place, where it builds a coccoon and gracefully emerges as something else altogether.  Not bad for a bunch of cover songs.




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