be heard.

A staple of the LA music scene, KUTMAH was arrested last week and is awaiting deportation.  His house was stormed by an ARMED TASKFORCE (wtf, man is a DJ.  is he gonna assault them with his records?) and he was taken downtown and interrogated.  About what, we are not sure.  Again, man is a DJ.  He is currently being held in a New Mexico facility.

While there are many current issues that could use our attention and energy (a certain oil spill, fascism in Arizona and a war that has been ongoing for 10 years come to mind), this injustice against a man’s personal freedom is a sign of the increasingly manipulative police state that is being forced upon us.  Kutmah has been living in the states since his mother moved him here when he was 12.  C’mon now!??!

More info here.


ps. guy is a bad ass DJ


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