we drink it up (MPSU #28)

Rain.  Yes.  Los Angeles.

If you’re from the East Coast or Europe or Cananda or some other locale where it rains preternaturally, I’m sorry.  You can punch me in the face if you want.  But here, in LA, rain is an event and something to be cherished.  That’s how it rolls when you live in a desert.  You want to dance in the stuff.  Drink it down.  Or write about it.

Anyways, we’re feeling blessed around here at MM!!! headquarters.  Not just for the rain but for those of you who refuse to let us die;  who refuse to let us tuck are tails between our legs and limp into the horizon.  It’s been almost three years since we started this blog, something which was the first of it’s kind back in the olden days of 2008.  Much has changed since then, we aren’t able to update as much and mixes are everywhere, which is awesome but also makes us lazy in what we do here at the blog.

But you guys keep checking us out, sending us mixes, sharing your art and a window into your world, and for that we feel eternally blessed.  Thank you.  Danke.  Merci beaucoup and gracias amigo.  It’s truly our pleasure.

Blending together everything right about TODAY IN LOS ANGELES, is Polish dj Luckmall’s Mozaika mix.  Described as a “fresh one hour travel through 24 tracks of ambitious electronica, chill and melodic dubstep” it is the perfect compliment for the raindrops dancing on your window, whether you are in LA or not.





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