I do this blog with the help of many cohorts including my roommate Fern and his cat Wu-Tang. Wu is a big help. Fern, not so much.

I like music a lot. It always seems to be around whether you notice it or not. If I was into wackness I might use the term “soundtrack to your life” but I’m not into wackness.

I also do film and video stuff. If you want to get at me for any reason you can do so here: share@mixtapemixtape.com. Awesome. Peace!


13 responses to “what?

  1. hello.

    my name is Ian Rogers. I run Music and Video for Yahoo! now, but I used to work at and write for Grand Royal, and also at Nullsoft, which made Winamp, SHOUTcast, and eventually Gnutella.

    I love your site. mix city. thank you.

    what I would love, though, is if you used our media player so I could easily listen to the mixes before downloading. it’s at http://mediaplayer.yahoo.com. let me know if you need any help using or installing.

    keep it up,

  2. mixtapesmixtapes

    Grand Royal was the jam! Can we bring that back? I’m gonna start a petition.
    Thanks for checking out the blog. Anyone else wanna see the player upgraded?

  3. nice work davon. This site is the jam
    try this player all my friends were all confused about how to download the mixtapes.

    its the one they use on missingtoof very clean looking


  4. motwine

    i’m okay with it the way it i, but i’m a simple man with simple tastes.

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  6. LMS

    Easy Davon,
    try this on for size. real simple and tidy…


    good looking on the mixes, digging Nat’s offering as I write this. Gonna hit you up again about mag ideas in the next few days I hope but get to me first if you have anything in mind yet.

  7. Mota

    Happy Chinese New Year, Dav! Where’s the Chinese New Year Mixtape???

  8. I actually have been using the Yahoo player since i started muh blog, and its pretty darned handy. And no..they didnt pay me to say that.

  9. DinT

    I like this! Go Wu-Tang!! Phat cat!

  10. derek foreal

    where are you guys? miss u.

  11. d4ill

    I am so happy you are back!

  12. ptrx

    New layout is sick! Lookin good MM. Sounding good too. Glad you’re back in effect.

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