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one man’s garbage

Stumbled upon this little gem from producer yU and the mellomusicgroup and was instantly transported to 2004 and a little album that dropped by the name of “The Adventures of Lord Quas”.

Although not derivative of Quasimoto or Madlib in anyway, A Garbage Beat Tape has that same dirty/vignette/snippet feel that made Lord Quas infamous.  But yU makes it his own with an infusion of soul and psychedelic garage paired with that post Dilla swing that should keep everyone bouncy.

Oh yeah, and make sure to stay tuned for the OUTRO to this mix.  Illest we’ve heard in a long while.  Highly recommended.




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silky faces (THE RETURN OF)

If GOSLING’S character from DRIVE met a girl who lived south of the 10 Freeway, this is the mix he’d play en route to her house.

Smooth like satin sheets and dripping with that nostalgic future funk, LA based SILKY FACES have given you that mix to play when the sun goes down in the West.

What you do with it is up to you.



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now with puppies!!! (MPSU #29)

It’s been a little while since our last post.  Which says more about us being busy with other projects more than it does about our passion for mixes.  But we’re excited to be back and this time we’re bringing friends.  Above is the new, official MM!!! mascot.  She goes by the name of BUSY B.  Holler at us if you see us up in the club!

To be honest, we weren’t sure that we were gonna make it back online.  But y’all kept sending us love and dope as mixes in the ole email, so here we are with a fresh post, the first of the new year (we’re a little embarrassed about that).

Today’s mix pretty much typifies what MIXTAPEMIXTAPE is all about.  Music without boundaries.  LOVE with a capital L.  Rainbows and puppies.  You get the picture.  It’s from our man METSCHA, who hails from Portugal and craftily mixes together tracks by Domenico Scarlatti (yep, that Scarlatti), BEACH HOUSE and Isaac Hayes.  It’s on some wild shit.  Busy B approves.

LISTEN!!! – PIM mixed by METSCHA


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we drink it up (MPSU #28)

Rain.  Yes.  Los Angeles.

If you’re from the East Coast or Europe or Cananda or some other locale where it rains preternaturally, I’m sorry.  You can punch me in the face if you want.  But here, in LA, rain is an event and something to be cherished.  That’s how it rolls when you live in a desert.  You want to dance in the stuff.  Drink it down.  Or write about it.

Anyways, we’re feeling blessed around here at MM!!! headquarters.  Not just for the rain but for those of you who refuse to let us die;  who refuse to let us tuck are tails between our legs and limp into the horizon.  It’s been almost three years since we started this blog, something which was the first of it’s kind back in the olden days of 2008.  Much has changed since then, we aren’t able to update as much and mixes are everywhere, which is awesome but also makes us lazy in what we do here at the blog.

But you guys keep checking us out, sending us mixes, sharing your art and a window into your world, and for that we feel eternally blessed.  Thank you.  Danke.  Merci beaucoup and gracias amigo.  It’s truly our pleasure.

Blending together everything right about TODAY IN LOS ANGELES, is Polish dj Luckmall’s Mozaika mix.  Described as a “fresh one hour travel through 24 tracks of ambitious electronica, chill and melodic dubstep” it is the perfect compliment for the raindrops dancing on your window, whether you are in LA or not.




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Wish we could’ve known you better. (MPSU #27)

In 100 records and just about 57 minutes, DJ BRAYAZ takes us on a rapid transit tour of recent hip hop history in his LESSON 100 mix.

More akin to GIRLTALK than STEINSKI or DJ SHADOW, Brayaz’ mix is a lightning round of the music that inspired the inglorious DRUMKICK RADIO over the last seven years.  Bouncing from Daedelus, to Tribe and blending back into Bjork, Lesson 100 is an amalgam of everything right and funky in the world and it is in heavy rotation here in the lab.

And although PAUL THE OCTOPUS is undoubtedly our favorite thing to come out of Germany this year, this mix is a very close second, which is nothing short of the highest compliment for everyone involved.




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Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?

One of KUBRICK’S FINEST FILMS and a personal favorite around here at MixtapeMixtape is 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Few films have married image and sound together in such an intricate and nuanced way as 2001 and even after repeated viewings some FORTY (forty!) YEARS LATER, we are still discovering new things to admire about this film.

And now, as if reading our minds, artist/blogger/photographer TIM JAMES has re-imagined the score to Kubrick’s masterpiece in an alternate universe shaped by Indie and Classic Rock.  Most would break under the pressure of innovating on such a classic film, but Mr. James stared into the abyss and defied it on this one.  You have taken something that we already loved and made it even more interesting…your place in heaven is reserved.

Go to THESUMMERMIXSERIES for more nice mixes…although we’d like to remind you that we were here first.  hugs and kisses, mixtapemixtape.



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as seen in the world

THE PYRAMID OF THE MOON – Tenochtitlan, Mexico

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