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now with puppies!!! (MPSU #29)

It’s been a little while since our last post.  Which says more about us being busy with other projects more than it does about our passion for mixes.  But we’re excited to be back and this time we’re bringing friends.  Above is the new, official MM!!! mascot.  She goes by the name of BUSY B.  Holler at us if you see us up in the club!

To be honest, we weren’t sure that we were gonna make it back online.  But y’all kept sending us love and dope as mixes in the ole email, so here we are with a fresh post, the first of the new year (we’re a little embarrassed about that).

Today’s mix pretty much typifies what MIXTAPEMIXTAPE is all about.  Music without boundaries.  LOVE with a capital L.  Rainbows and puppies.  You get the picture.  It’s from our man METSCHA, who hails from Portugal and craftily mixes together tracks by Domenico Scarlatti (yep, that Scarlatti), BEACH HOUSE and Isaac Hayes.  It’s on some wild shit.  Busy B approves.

LISTEN!!! – PIM mixed by METSCHA



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we drink it up (MPSU #28)

Rain.  Yes.  Los Angeles.

If you’re from the East Coast or Europe or Cananda or some other locale where it rains preternaturally, I’m sorry.  You can punch me in the face if you want.  But here, in LA, rain is an event and something to be cherished.  That’s how it rolls when you live in a desert.  You want to dance in the stuff.  Drink it down.  Or write about it.

Anyways, we’re feeling blessed around here at MM!!! headquarters.  Not just for the rain but for those of you who refuse to let us die;  who refuse to let us tuck are tails between our legs and limp into the horizon.  It’s been almost three years since we started this blog, something which was the first of it’s kind back in the olden days of 2008.  Much has changed since then, we aren’t able to update as much and mixes are everywhere, which is awesome but also makes us lazy in what we do here at the blog.

But you guys keep checking us out, sending us mixes, sharing your art and a window into your world, and for that we feel eternally blessed.  Thank you.  Danke.  Merci beaucoup and gracias amigo.  It’s truly our pleasure.

Blending together everything right about TODAY IN LOS ANGELES, is Polish dj Luckmall’s Mozaika mix.  Described as a “fresh one hour travel through 24 tracks of ambitious electronica, chill and melodic dubstep” it is the perfect compliment for the raindrops dancing on your window, whether you are in LA or not.




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Wish we could’ve known you better. (MPSU #27)

In 100 records and just about 57 minutes, DJ BRAYAZ takes us on a rapid transit tour of recent hip hop history in his LESSON 100 mix.

More akin to GIRLTALK than STEINSKI or DJ SHADOW, Brayaz’ mix is a lightning round of the music that inspired the inglorious DRUMKICK RADIO over the last seven years.  Bouncing from Daedelus, to Tribe and blending back into Bjork, Lesson 100 is an amalgam of everything right and funky in the world and it is in heavy rotation here in the lab.

And although PAUL THE OCTOPUS is undoubtedly our favorite thing to come out of Germany this year, this mix is a very close second, which is nothing short of the highest compliment for everyone involved.




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funk covers!!! (MPSU #26)

Been a long time since we posted a mix sent in by one of y’all. Which isn’t intentional…for awhile there we weren’t posting mixes of any kind.

But now that we’re back, and in full(ish) effect, we’ve been sifting through all of the mixes you’ve sent us for something that really blew our wigs back.  Enter DAU AL SET of Iceland, who hit us with an ingenious mix of FUNK MUSIC, covered by contemporary artists.

We were skeptical at first.  I mean, funk is one of those things that can’t be improved upon.  It’s like the jelly donut, or the Mona Lisa or Nicholas Cage’s hair…you just cannot improve on perfection.  And although the songs in this mix doesn’t improve on funk, it takes it to a sublime place, where it builds a coccoon and gracefully emerges as something else altogether.  Not bad for a bunch of cover songs.



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always something new (MPSU #25)


To be honest everything I know about ESTONIA I learned in the last 15 minutes through Google and Wikipedia. I’m not proud of that, it’s just the way it is.

The Republic of Estonia has a fervent national soccer fanbase, a very reasonably priced (and hygenic) sex industry, and breeds wrestlers who are built for SUMO action. And according to my friends who traveled there last year they also have a fine selection of domestic beers.

Estonia. Doesn’t sound bad, eh? And if the musical tastes of the country are on par with DJ BANDIT, the Estonian DJ who sent us today’s mix, I’m about ready to bounce over there right now.


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a love of everything music (MPSU #24)


Just discovered your site and love it. I have just started a blog of my own with the intentions of posting various mixes. I just posted my second attempt at a mix(Mix#2- Psychedelic Instrumental Mix). It consists of various 60’s era tracks, all instrumental. I am no DJ, just a school teacher living in Western Mass. with a love of everything music. Not sure if you can included it, but if you can, much appreciated.

Thanks, and all the best,


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Hey Mark, thanks for a beautiful mix.  Send us a tracklist. Makes us wonder about all the cool things we might have learned if we had paid attention at school more.   Kids, listen to your teachers…THEY GOT BEATS!


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under one roof (MPSU #22, 23)


Yeah, we know, been lagging. Life is tough on us superstar bloggers these days. No job is less recession proof than that of ye’ olde music blogger who wasn’t getting paid in the first place. We’ve been busy trying to turn PAPER CLIPS and POST ITS into money with less than favorable results. However, we press on.

We were sent these mixes last week, as the cosmos would have it, and have decided to put them up together since they are from a pair of former roommates. Actually, along with EDIT (whose mix we recently featured), PALOS and NOHA created an intensely music drivin living situation in the early 2000’s.

The trio of roomies have since parted ways but the range of musical knowledge that co-existed under that one roof is revealed in the diversity of their mixes. Where Edit goes glitch, Noha goes club and Palos goes downtempo. Truly, music for any occaision.

LISTEN!!! – TIGER KISS (Noha’s Tribute to Larry Levan)


LISTEN!!! – 45/LOVE (Palos in the Valentine mood)


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