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sweet sweet herbs

Our favorite local music publication, the LA RECORD, put out their 420 mixtape today for obvious reasons.  And if you don’t know what we’re talking about you’re probably stoned.  Wait, huh?

Pretty silly in parts, with some stellar contributions by Kutmah, Ted Lucas and Scott Barber.




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don’t think twice

Don’t be scurrrrred my friend!  I know, I know.  Dylan getting beatified by some sample happy producer.  Not exactly what you would imagine as a love connection.  Brings to mind some of the ill-fated “collaborations” that P. Diddy has wrought on us.  Well, this is not that.

And I’ll tell you why:  J. PERIOD.  The Los Angeles native who now resides in the Big Apple, is consistently pushing the edge of what hip hop is and what hip hop can be.   And this Bob Dylan mix, part of the larger MESSENGER SERIES mixes and done in collaboration with Somali (a place where music was just banned by the way) native K’naan, is tribute to just that.

It highlights the best parts of a musical era gone and infuses it with the best parts of the current musical climate and it becomes…well, good fucking music.

LISTEN!!! – K’NAAN x BOB DYLAN, with J. PERIOD on the el producto

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you make us better


When we started MIXTAPEMIXTAPE!!! the galvanizing idea was that COOL PEOPLE MAKE COOL MIXES. And we wanted to hear them. Not just musicians and DJ’s and the such, but I want to know what my favorite director, actor, designer or porn star was listening to at the moment. What is inspiring my peoples. That’s what we’re in the game for, inspiration.

Well, we’re not always able to do that and perhaps too often settle for the high profile DJ mix or getting stuck in the world on NATE DOGG but sometimes we are able to hook it up and today is one of those days.

Today’s mix is from DR. KENNYWENNY, one of the creative minds behind the design and animation team SHYNOLA. You might not have known it but they’ve had a hand in one of you favorite music videos or films, and are just too polite to let you know about. This is the perfect mix for sitting down with a cup a tea and a blank piece of paper and brainstorming ideas about how to make the world a nicer place. Have some inspiration, courtesy of Dr. Kenny.



All our love out to the indelible Mr. Baws. Thank you for making us better people.

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music to do your taxes by


Here’s a mix to help out with that shoe box of receipts that’s been staring you down for the last four months. Originally touted as a MIX TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK by, Study Music Vol. 2 ALMOST made my tax preparation a joy.

I can only wish it does the same for you.



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a love of everything music (MPSU #24)


Just discovered your site and love it. I have just started a blog of my own with the intentions of posting various mixes. I just posted my second attempt at a mix(Mix#2- Psychedelic Instrumental Mix). It consists of various 60’s era tracks, all instrumental. I am no DJ, just a school teacher living in Western Mass. with a love of everything music. Not sure if you can included it, but if you can, much appreciated.

Thanks, and all the best,


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Hey Mark, thanks for a beautiful mix.  Send us a tracklist. Makes us wonder about all the cool things we might have learned if we had paid attention at school more.   Kids, listen to your teachers…THEY GOT BEATS!


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wild combination


Went a free screening of WILD COMBINATION at Space 1520 in Hollywood last night where they are doing big big things (FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH TOMORROW NIGHT FOR FREE!!!). Wild Combination was no exception.

The film is a documentary portrait of the avant-garde Jazz/Folk/Dance legend Arthur Russell and if you are one of those people that like art and music I would have to suggest it. Arthur’s music is unlike anything to come before or after and he traversed the entire musical landscape experimenting with sound. When ALLEN GINSBERG is your biggest fan you are doing something right.

In homage to Arthur’s diver auditory wanderings we present you with two mixes that feature his work. The first is a more mellow mix with respect to his singer-songwriter musings. The second explores the dance club side to his aesthetic. Support art. Enjoy.

LISTEN!!! – FLUX RAD 2008 pt3, via: our friends at flux-rad


LISTEN!!! – TOTAL VIBRATION 2008, via: thorsrubberhammer



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one last present


Got these mixes in my inbox a couple days ago from good friend, consumate New Yorker and photographer of all things GOOD, Ms. Alex Marvar.

I chronicled our meeting in this space a few month sago (SXSW, PLAYMATES AND VANITY FAIR) and I’ve been secretly waiting for these mixes ever since.  I hope this isn’t the last time we hear from her here at MM!!! but seeing as she is often busy trotting around the globe we’ll forgive her if there is a healthy break between mixtape sets.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!  We got so much love for you it hurts.



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