send us a mix

We can’t live WITHOUT YOU. Half the reason we put up this site is to share mixes that random, beautiful people like yourself have put together. Please don’t hesitate to send us a mix and maybe a line or two about yourself. DJ, CHEFS, DESIGNERS, WHOEVERS, we wanna hear what you’re listening to. You can send us an MP3 via zshare, a link to a website or any other method you might have for getting us your mix. Much love.

get at us here:


29 responses to “send us a mix

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  4. Hello,

    I work with a record label named Tru Thoughts Recordings which is based in Brighton, UK. We are expanding our music into the U.S., and would like to know who to contact that deals with radio play and promotions. We would be sending material via email. Thank you for your help!

    Jasmine DeLaPaz

  5. What up people?

    Poze here. I’m a producer working with a new band called UrbanRockBand. Diggin’ what you’re doing. Definitely appreciate the fact that you’re giving others a chance to shine. That’s love. Anyhow, I just want you to check these dudes out and let us know what you think.


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  8. Hello,
    Just discovered your site and love it. I have just started a blog of my own with the intentions of posting various mixes. I just posted my second attempt at a mix(Mix#2- Psychedelic Instrumental Mix). It consists of various 60’s era tracks, all instrumental. I am no DJ, just a school teacher living in Western Mass. with a love of everything music. Not sure if you can included it, but if you can, much appreciated.

    Thanks, and all the best,

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  10. I can send you mp3s… will that work? =)

  11. hi,

    we’re a swedish producerduo making electronic music.
    check us out at or
    Download us for free at


    all the best

  12. courtbey carr

    hi i need to know where and who to send a mixtape to….its for a friend of mine

  13. courtney carr

    i need an address or number

  14. Please Help Me Be The Best Go To or and listen to my music if you like what you hear get back at me

  15. Hip-Hop DJ looking to see if I got what it takes. Download my newest mix below!

    Toront, Canada

  16. My new mix, featured with lots of white label tracks.

  17. alex zayid

    check out my mixtape. commerce township, michigan. Michigan State University student,

  18. Fred Thompson

    quick little 3 deck thing would be grateful for any feedback

  19. Dabs

    Here’s a little mix after the recent riots in London –




    Check out my mixes , show some support .

    Check out my like page on facebook 🙂!/pages/DJ-Flip-One/234446913265701

  21. My latest MIXTAPE…
    Long Play September 2011

  22. Hey there, I’m crazy about creative electronic music. Check out my latest mix, here:

    Hope you enjoy it, thanks (:

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