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Wish we could’ve known you better. (MPSU #27)

In 100 records and just about 57 minutes, DJ BRAYAZ takes us on a rapid transit tour of recent hip hop history in his LESSON 100 mix.

More akin to GIRLTALK than STEINSKI or DJ SHADOW, Brayaz’ mix is a lightning round of the music that inspired the inglorious DRUMKICK RADIO over the last seven years.  Bouncing from Daedelus, to Tribe and blending back into Bjork, Lesson 100 is an amalgam of everything right and funky in the world and it is in heavy rotation here in the lab.

And although PAUL THE OCTOPUS is undoubtedly our favorite thing to come out of Germany this year, this mix is a very close second, which is nothing short of the highest compliment for everyone involved.





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