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one man’s garbage

Stumbled upon this little gem from producer yU and the mellomusicgroup and was instantly transported to 2004 and a little album that dropped by the name of “The Adventures of Lord Quas”.

Although not derivative of Quasimoto or Madlib in anyway, A Garbage Beat Tape has that same dirty/vignette/snippet feel that made Lord Quas infamous.  But yU makes it his own with an infusion of soul and psychedelic garage paired with that post Dilla swing that should keep everyone bouncy.

Oh yeah, and make sure to stay tuned for the OUTRO to this mix.  Illest we’ve heard in a long while.  Highly recommended.




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the best of both worlds

Somewhere in a former life I was fortunate enough to have made a living creative directing hip hop DVD’s. I’m proud of my credit list and it was fun working with artists whose whose music was already in my crates.  I pretty much got to live many a record nerd’s dream.

But to me, the finished product is irrevocably attached to the experience of putting said product together.  This is how I go about most things in my life (which is probably why I’m broke) and I’ll always prefer a good experience over a fatty paycheck.  It’s not a philosophy I endorse.  But it works for me.

For this reason working with PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS on the Stepfather DVD stands out.  Thes and Double K are cool ass dudes.  This is not debateable.  And they got love for the music like crazy. By the time I finished working on Stepfather I was a bigger PUTS fan than when I started.  And I’ve had their first single from the get go.

Support real heads and keep on the watch for the new PUTS album FUN DMC.  For now, chew on the mixtape:


UPDATE: Mysterious 404 error has been fixed.  Listen away!


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the revolution will be live

Hello from TARAZ, KAZAKHSTAN. I think that should about say it all. I’d just like to take a second and shout out a few of the mixes currently on rotation in my iPod and that will forever be attached to the memory of this trip.

THE RETURN OF YOU – We just featured this mix last week but it is a heater. If you haven’t peeped it yet peep it now. The REMIX OF BLUE FLOWERS is worth it by itself. You can punch me in the face if you don’t like it. Gently punch. It’s a beautiful face.

SUN SPLASH – Probably the finest reggae mix we’ve hosted here at the MM!!!. Heat heat heat.

8 DAYS A WEEK – You can’t leave the country without a Beatles mix. It’s in the rules.

So yeah. Thank you music. You’re kinda tight.

And really, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re missing until it’s not around anymore. We’ve been missing some of that good ‘ole American hip hop while in Central Asia, so we call on DJ REVOLUTION, who’s new album just dropped, with this classic mix of 85ish. For the historian.



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far and wide (MPSU #9)

Honestly, it’s been a good run for us so far around here at MM!!!. We are approaching 25,000 hits in five months of existence. People are linking to us in languages we hardly recognize. And we’re blessed that people from all over the world think enough of us to share their mixes here. And we’ve found the time to live the life of an international baller. Kinda tight.

One of the latest mixes to come to us is from BRUSSLES, BELGIUM via DJ SCLIFFE. Honestly, I was a pretty big fan even before listening to the mix. I like that he checked in with us several times to make sure we got the mix, something which we find flattering.

But thank you Scliffe for keeping up with us cuz your mix is the cutty. And we knew the instant we heard the second track: an exclusive Anti-Pop Consortium remix. Anti-Pop is a slept on favorite around here at MM!!! and a sign that Scliffe was a man of exquisite taste. And the mix continued to steam roll us from there. Holler at us anytime you want Scliffe.



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time to get grimey


That’s right, it’s time for MM!!!’s first UK grime mix…and this one holds it down as an all-purpose grime sampler. While Dizzee Rascal has gained international success as the grime poster boy, there is a whole crew of MCs busting out the scene (side note: our boy Aaron LaCrate is on tour now with Dizzee, check out the tour dates).

MICROPHONE CHAMPION VOL. 1 features the leading lads of the UK underground spitting hard, fast rhymes to drum & bass heavy, garage influenced beats-it’s dark, dirty and futuristic while infusing dancehall flavor to keep it sexy. And you can’t deny there’s something extra sexy about those Jamaican-British accents.

Like hip hop, grime has become a youth movement with a whole culture accompanying the music itself. Implementing DIY tactics, these crews are documenting what they’re about, schooling the rest of us on how it’s really going down on their corner.

If you’re into this mix, you can find an extensive listing of others on grimepedia-yup, grime gots its own wikipedia.





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Live Convention

When buying one of these records in a local record store, the clerk commented “yeah man, Cold Crush bit all of their stuff from Jurassic 5…”. He was kidding of course, but these recordings did in fact represent a time when the 3 minute rule didn’t apply to rap yet. These were still the days when the MC was expected to be more of an accessory to a DJ, rather than a stand alone performer, so, expect to hear some lengthy demonstrations of MCing.

Not too sure where these were recorded , but, you will hear the likes of Theodore Cold Crush Brothers, Busy B Starski, Fantastic Freaks (pretty much half of the cast of Wild Style.)




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Summer hit it RIPE, like the avocado in my breakfast burrito, when I discovered THE RUB on a road trip with my older Bro. The Rub: Sweet conflict resolution.

Bro: What the hell kind of driving is this?
Me: You’re an asshole.( A beat.) Who’s this?!
Bro: The Rub: Dankarelli.
Me: Hot damn. The GHOSTBUSTERS THEME REMIX! Remember Slimer?
Bro: Stony.

Volume 15 is the jam du jour.  Nineteen-Ninety-three, the year of 36 Chambers, pivotal, obviously. I knew all of the words to “Protect Ya Neck” and “Method Man” when I was twelve.  In the same year, we got Midnight Marauders, SOULS OF MISCHIEF and Doggy Style.  WATERSHED.  The Rub mixed-up 21 volumes of  these hip-hop goodies for you and I.  Need I say more?

LISTEN!!! -THE RUB VOL. 15: 1993

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