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Wish we could’ve known you better. (MPSU #27)

In 100 records and just about 57 minutes, DJ BRAYAZ takes us on a rapid transit tour of recent hip hop history in his LESSON 100 mix.

More akin to GIRLTALK than STEINSKI or DJ SHADOW, Brayaz’ mix is a lightning round of the music that inspired the inglorious DRUMKICK RADIO over the last seven years.  Bouncing from Daedelus, to Tribe and blending back into Bjork, Lesson 100 is an amalgam of everything right and funky in the world and it is in heavy rotation here in the lab.

And although PAUL THE OCTOPUS is undoubtedly our favorite thing to come out of Germany this year, this mix is a very close second, which is nothing short of the highest compliment for everyone involved.





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Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?

One of KUBRICK’S FINEST FILMS and a personal favorite around here at MixtapeMixtape is 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Few films have married image and sound together in such an intricate and nuanced way as 2001 and even after repeated viewings some FORTY (forty!) YEARS LATER, we are still discovering new things to admire about this film.

And now, as if reading our minds, artist/blogger/photographer TIM JAMES has re-imagined the score to Kubrick’s masterpiece in an alternate universe shaped by Indie and Classic Rock.  Most would break under the pressure of innovating on such a classic film, but Mr. James stared into the abyss and defied it on this one.  You have taken something that we already loved and made it even more interesting…your place in heaven is reserved.

Go to THESUMMERMIXSERIES for more nice mixes…although we’d like to remind you that we were here first.  hugs and kisses, mixtapemixtape.



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this is the sound of africa

Watching a grown man cry is a little awkward, especially if it LANDON DONOVON.

America’s golden boy finally lived up to the hype and as soon as he did, he disappointed us again with his drivel, about “Doing things the right way…and it’s good to be rewarded.” You scored one goal dude. Score a few more and then we can talk, but for now just stop crying.

Nonetheless, in celebration of everything WORLD CUP and TEAM AMERICA, we give you MATHIEU SCHREYER and RESERVE LA’S mix of African beats and music. From the way back sounds of The Kusum Beat to the modern digs of Sofrito and The Souljazz Orchestra this is African music as it’s supposed to be:  rhythmic, driving, sweaty and funky.  So put your VUVUZELA down and turn the music up!



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first name dante, last name beze

Two good things, together for the first time.  Courtesy MAX TANNONE.

And just in time for the summer.


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be heard.

A staple of the LA music scene, KUTMAH was arrested last week and is awaiting deportation.  His house was stormed by an ARMED TASKFORCE (wtf, man is a DJ.  is he gonna assault them with his records?) and he was taken downtown and interrogated.  About what, we are not sure.  Again, man is a DJ.  He is currently being held in a New Mexico facility.

While there are many current issues that could use our attention and energy (a certain oil spill, fascism in Arizona and a war that has been ongoing for 10 years come to mind), this injustice against a man’s personal freedom is a sign of the increasingly manipulative police state that is being forced upon us.  Kutmah has been living in the states since his mother moved him here when he was 12.  C’mon now!??!

More info here.


ps. guy is a bad ass DJ

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funk covers!!! (MPSU #26)

Been a long time since we posted a mix sent in by one of y’all. Which isn’t intentional…for awhile there we weren’t posting mixes of any kind.

But now that we’re back, and in full(ish) effect, we’ve been sifting through all of the mixes you’ve sent us for something that really blew our wigs back.  Enter DAU AL SET of Iceland, who hit us with an ingenious mix of FUNK MUSIC, covered by contemporary artists.

We were skeptical at first.  I mean, funk is one of those things that can’t be improved upon.  It’s like the jelly donut, or the Mona Lisa or Nicholas Cage’s hair…you just cannot improve on perfection.  And although the songs in this mix doesn’t improve on funk, it takes it to a sublime place, where it builds a coccoon and gracefully emerges as something else altogether.  Not bad for a bunch of cover songs.



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